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So it has been ages since I had a blog. I used to blog on the Netsight blog whilst I was there, but I’ve been up a lot of exciting things since then and needed somewhere to start posting interesting stuff I’ve been working on. So this is it :)

For 15 years I’ve been working on some pretty heavy duty Python-based web systems and content management systems such as Plone. So I thought I’d try something very different. I wanted something extremely lightweight that would allow me to just do some very simple blogging and have a presence online.

I looked at a number of static website generation systems, and in the end settled on Jekyll and starting with a simple foundation for Poole.

So some topics I will be blogging about here:

  • Python web development.

    Python is still my ‘go to’ language for any web development or server scripting and integration jobs

  • iOS deployment and development

    I’m currently working on a team doing iOS development, and I’ve managed to do a lot of battle with Apple’s, often arcane, provisioning system.

  • Networking & Security

    I’m interested in getting data from A to B in a reliable and secure fashion

  • FreeBSD / OpenBSD

    In my opinion, two of the best operating systems around. I’ve been working with them for nearly two decades now and both have their uses in different scenarios.

  • Quantified health, wearables and tracking

    I’m currently working with enquos, building the best tools out there to track, measure and improve your health, fitness and wellbeing. I’ve developed a personal interest in this, as I’m currently working on improving my own health.

  • Embedded Development / Internet of Things

    I like tinkering with Arduinos and the likes, so will probably be writing up some of the stuff I’ve been using them for here. We are moving to an ever-more connected world, and it’s exciting looking at how this interacts with our society and the way in which we deal with data (privacy and security).

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