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Using CNNs to Predict Cryptocurrency Price Movements

A lightning talk I gave at the PyData Bristol meetup on 20th Sept 2018. This is a talk about some experiments I have been doing trying to predict cryptocurrency price movements using a type of machine learning algorithm called a Convolutional Neural Network -- the same sort of AI used by computers to be able to 'see' a cat or a dog in a photo. In this case applied to market microstructure data on a cryptocurrency orderbook.

Banks are Dead. Long Live Banks.

Just as the postal service evolved with the introduction of the internet and email, banking will need to evolved with cryptocurrencies.

Updated to OpenBSD 6.3? Found your IPv6 Broken?

With latest OpenBSD update, a change to the IPv6 auto address generation mechanism may cause your IPv6 to fail on some virtual hosts

Local DNS for local people

Using the Unbound DNS server on OpenBSD you are able to easily create a 'split horizon' DNS in which you serve some additional information locally that is not visible globally.

Explaining Proof-of-Work, and how it compares to consensus

I was asked to explain how Proof of Work on a blockchain worked, here is a transcript. And how it compares to Ripple's consensus algorithm.

Multi-currency exchange on Ripple, Pathfinding and Bridging with XRP

Ripple has a built in distributed exchange. This is how XRP is used as a bridge currency in payments

Ripple and Bitcoin, a use-case for collaboration

There is a lot of hate out there for Ripple and XRP by some bitcoin fanatics, but they are solving different problems, and here is a use-case of how they compliment each other.

My Last Three Years in Numbers

A look at the last three years of my work in numbers.

Intro to Ripple and XRP

I've recently started playing about with the cryptocurrency XRP and the Ripple network, here is a quick introduction to it.

My University Thesis - Full Text Indexing

I found my university thesis from 17 years ago, along with the code for the full text indexer I wrote back then.