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Automating Feature Branch Builds on iOS and Android

This is a talk given at Codemobile 2017 conference in Chester, UK. It was a 5 minute lightning talk detailing how to automate the building of apps for each and every feature branch created as part of a git-flow workflow.

Automating Xcode 8’s New Automatic Signing

Picture of Matt speaking at SWMobile meetup

This was a talk I gave at the SWMobile Meetup in Bristol in October 2016. The talk was a lightning talk on automating the new Xcode 8 automated signing system when using it in a CI setup. In our case we use it with Jenkins and Fastlane to automate all ...

Adventures in Wonderland - A Plone Developer's Year in iOS

The slides from my talk at Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

After 15 years of working purely in Python, I was thrown head-first into the world of iOS development. Taking over the management of a mobile app ...

A Journey Through Open Source

This talk was given to the 2nd year MEng Computer Science students at the University of Bristol. It is a talk about my experiences in Open Source and working with a global community.

The audio and screencast of this presentation is at ...

Plone Intranet talk at Plone Open Garden 2014, Sorrento

This is a talk I gave at Plone Open Garden 2014 on the Plone Intranet project. This is a collaborative project to develop an enhance platform for intranets on top of Plone

Open Source, The Natural Fit for Content Management in the Enterprise

This is a talk I gave at "Adopting Open Source Software within the corporate ICT strategy" in London on 5th December 2013.

* How OSS reduces long term risk for CM

* Integrating with the unknown

* Authentication in ...

Supercharge Your Career with Open Source

A talk I gave at the University of Bristol to the 2nd Year Computer Science Students on how to use Open Source Software to further your chances of getting a job. I draw upon the Plone community and software for examples.

Plone and Sharepoint

A talk on integrating Plone and Sharepoint. This talk was from Plone Conference 2013 in Brasilia.

It covers integrating the authentication, content, and search between Plone and Sharepoint. It showcases the collective.cmsbrowser addon for Plone.

How to get started with the Pluggable Authentication System

A presentation given at Plone Conference 2013 in Brasilia. This presentation explains Plone’s Pluggable Authentication System (PAS) and how to get started with writing your own PAS Plugin.

Plone and Single-Sign On - Active Directory and the Holy Grail

These are the slides of a talk I gave on Single Sign On in Plone via Active Directory using netsight.windowsauthplugin