Wiping the workspace in Jenkins 2.0 pipeline builds

With Jenkins there used to be a 'Wipe out repository & force a clone' behaviour you could add to the source code section of a build. This would ensure that you are building from a completely clean workspace.

In Jenkins 2.0 pipeline builds this option is no longer available. Originally I used find to find and delete the contents of the directory, which took a bit of fiddling to ensure it would run safely without the chance of an empty variable causing it to delete the entire server.

However there is now in Jenkins a deleteDir() function that will delete the contents of the current directory. So you can now just do:

node('xcode8') {
  // Wipe the workspace so we are building completely clean
  // Mark the code checkout 'stage'....
  stage('Checkout') {
    // Checkout code from repository
    checkout scm


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