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Matt Hamilton

Quernus Ltd.
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Hi, I am Matt Hamilton, a technologist and developer based in Bristol, UK.

I have been involved in the internet, and web since it’s inception, and been an advocate of Open Source software for the past two decades.

For fifteen years I was the Technical Director of Netsight Internet Solutions, building large content management projects for clients based on the Plone Content Management System.

I’ve worked as a consultant for several large clients including Royal Bank of Scotland, NHS, Oxfam GB, Belron International, and University of Bristol. I’m particularly interested in performance optimisation and authentication for large and complex sites.

I’ve served on the board of directors of the Plone Foundation, an international Open Source foundation for a number of years, holding any roles, including President. I’ve organised several large (300+ attendees, 30+ countries) international software conferences, as well as a number of smaller development sprints.

I am the maintainer of the Underscore new media mailing list, probably one of the longest continually running mailing lists on the internet with over 2000 designers, developers and artists in the Bristol and Bath region with over 10,000 posts per annum.

I am currently working with enquos to help them develop their mobile offering, and manage a team of iOS developers building apps for enquos.

Thanks for reading!