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WOTRA Trademark Scam letter

A couple of weeks ago I filed a trademark application for my company name, Quernus. This was filed with the official UK body for this, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The cost for this process is £200.

Today I received a letter in the post from the ‘World Organisation for Trademarks’ with an invoice for £896 for a filing of the trademark. The beneficiary is WOTRA Kft in Budapest, Hungary.

Photo of scam letter from WOTRA

It is a scam.

It is a private company who operate a private registration database of trademarks. It has no connection with anyone else.

But it is a pretty damn good scam. They obviously scan the official trademark notification bulletins and use the public data from that to make a very convincing looking invoice with enough information in it to make it seem legitimate.

However, at the bottom in the small print they even say:

Please note that this private registration hasn’t any connection with the publication of official registrations, and is not a registration by a government organisation, and we haven’t any business relation yet. This offer for registration is not an invoice but a solicitation without obligation to pay, unless our offer is accepted.

I’d imagine quite a few companies falling for it.

In fact it seems that this process is pretty widespread and even WIPO have had to publish official advice on the matter.

EDIT: also the UK government have published advice themselves on misleading invoices for IP protection

Using Xcode 8’s New Automatic Signing with Jenkins and Fastlane

Xcode 8 brings with it a new automatic code signing system. It is meant to make life a lot easier for developers, but needs a bit of work to get working with headless CI systems like Fastlane and Jenkins.

Uploading Git Changelog to Fabric Beta for Android Gradle Builds in Jenkins

The git changelog is not exposed as a variable in Jenkins for pipeline builds to use. This is how we got it and send it via Gradle to Fabric Beta when we distribute our automated builds

Global Build Numbers in Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline Builds

We wanted to have build numbers that were unique and incremental across all of our build jobs. Here is how I did it with a small python microservice.

Jenkins 2.0 and Multi-branch pipeline builds for iOS apps with Fastlane

Jenkins 2.0 beta is out and has included a multi-branch pipeline plugin that allows automatic build of feature branches from Github. Here is how I set it up to build feature branch builds of our iOS apps

Getting Proper UTF-8 Output From Fastlane on Jenkins 2.0 Pipeline builds

Jenkins 2.0 pipeline jobs get their locale from the master not slave, so you need to set the local on master to get UTF-8 output working correctly

Safer deleting of a directory

A safer alternative to rm -rf for use in scripts

Jenkins, Github, and IPv6

Github and some other sites don't yet support IPv6. But I want our build servers to be IPv6 only. Here is how I achieved it using OpenBSD's NAT64 and unbound's DNS64 functions

Smart Nation Singapore - Bristol Festival of Ideas - Festival of the Future City

Singapore aims to be the world’s first Smart Nation, with fuller use of technology to live, work and play resulting in improved quality of life for individuals; business opportunities for enterprises; and a government that uses technology to better serve and anticipate citizens’ needs.

NSScotland 2015 Conference

A write up of some of the talks I found interesting at the NSScotland conference in Edinburgh. Dealing with maps; Building a mental health app; Working with distributed teams; and a 30-year old calculator codebase