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Open Source, The Natural Fit for Content Management in the Enterprise

This is a talk I gave at "Adopting Open Source Software within the corporate ICT strategy" in London on 5th December 2013.

* How OSS reduces long term risk for CM

* Integrating with the unknown

* Authentication in heterogeneous environments

* Case study - NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre Intranet

Online Information 2011: Global and Social A case study of the implementation of a large-scale social intranet

Belron International is the global parent company of brands such as Autoglass and Carglass. With a turnover of nearly €3bn, they employ 25,000 people in 32 countries, repairing or replacing a windscreen every 3 seconds.

In 2007 the organisation developed an intranet based on the Open Source CMS Plone. This year the intranet was extended and re-focussed to add a range of social media functions to integrate with (and enhance) the existing suite of content management and workflow tools.

Over 5 years the intranet has evolved to provide features that are used on a daily basis by all functions within the organisation. The challenge with the introduction of ’social’ content creation and collaboration has been to manage and integrate these new ways of working into established processes.

In this talk we will show how a large, multinational organisation has overcome the common concerns relating to social media in the enterprise, including governance, loss of control and the risks of reliance on services outside the firewall. Once these concerns are mitigated, the social media model can be used to drive …

Mistakes Made and Lessons Learnt Scaling Plone post-Launch

This is a run down of the mistakes we made and the lessons we learnt trying to scale a big Plone site with un-anticipated traffic once the site had gone live and the budget all been spent. Find out what we did wrong, and how we fixed it.