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Adventures in Wonderland - A Plone Developer's Year in iOS

The slides from my talk at Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest.

After 15 years of working purely in Python, I was thrown head-first into the world of iOS development. Taking over the management of a mobile app being developed for a Python web application, I’ve had to deal with managing iOS developers, understanding the iOS ecosystem, and working out Apple’s byzantine procedures and processes.

Plone: Event Driven Programming

A talk I gave at the European Plone Symposium 2010 in Sorrento.

Event Driven Programming in Plone - or how to extend Plone the lazy way

Ever wanted to extend Plone somehow but not wanted to change the existing code for a product? Want to learn the easy way to extend Plone’s functionality?


I will show you some examples of how to use Plone’s event subscriber and workflow systems to extend Plone without having to change any existing products. Using a number of common Plone products and the events system to combine them you can come up with unlimited possibilities. I’ll use examples from two websites I’ve been working on recently to show you how you can make authors have to pay (using GetPaid) to publish content on a site, and how to check the comments are not spam on your discussion board.

Mountain Tops to Archipelagos - The People Behind Plone (+AUDIO)

I was invited to give a talk at the Rotary Club Bristol about Plone. I spoke about the community and how an amazing group of people world wide gather across locations around the globe to develop software... and have a few beers in the process.

I’m afraid the audio quality is not that great, but hopefully you can turn the volume up and bit and still hear me