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Plone Symposium East 2011 Keynote: Plone, A Solution not a Product

Abstract: Looking at the market for content management systems, there are a whole slew of products out there, both proprietary and Open Source. Typically people choose a product from a vendor and then have to find a implementation company to implement it for them. With Plone the implementation company *is* the vendor. But unlike proprietary single-vendor solutions, Plone has hundreds of companies and individuals worldwide that can help you implement Plone. Sometimes we take for granted just what an amazing community we have and its diversity both geographically and in different industries. In this keynote I am going to look at Plone and its use around the world and the community that makes it so special

Plone - Revised Roadmap: Plone 3,4,5 and beyond - Dutch Plone Users Day (+AUDIO)

A presentation to the Dutch Plone User Day (Gebruikersdag) in Arnhem, Netherlands in Sept 2009.

This roadmap details the current state of Plone, and the plan for the upcoming release of Plone 4 and the future Plone 5.