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A Journey Through Open Source

This talk was given to the 2nd year MEng Computer Science students at the University of Bristol. It is a talk about my experiences in Open Source and working with a global community.

The audio and screencast of this presentation is at:

Plone Intranet talk at Plone Open Garden 2014, Sorrento

This is a talk I gave at Plone Open Garden 2014 on the Plone Intranet project. This is a collaborative project to develop an enhance platform for intranets on top of Plone

Open Source, The Natural Fit for Content Management in the Enterprise

This is a talk I gave at "Adopting Open Source Software within the corporate ICT strategy" in London on 5th December 2013.

* How OSS reduces long term risk for CM

* Integrating with the unknown

* Authentication in heterogeneous environments

* Case study - NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre Intranet

Supercharge Your Career with Open Source

A talk I gave at the University of Bristol to the 2nd Year Computer Science Students on how to use Open Source Software to further your chances of getting a job. I draw upon the Plone community and software for examples.

Plone: The DNA of a Successful Open Source Community

This is the slides and audio of a talk I gave at the University of Bristol to a class of 2nd year Computer Science students as part of an Advanced Software Engineering module.

The talk was on the symbiotic relationship between an SME software company (Netsight) and an Open Source Community (Plone).

Plone Symposium East 2011 Keynote: Plone, A Solution not a Product

Abstract: Looking at the market for content management systems, there are a whole slew of products out there, both proprietary and Open Source. Typically people choose a product from a vendor and then have to find a implementation company to implement it for them. With Plone the implementation company *is* the vendor. But unlike proprietary single-vendor solutions, Plone has hundreds of companies and individuals worldwide that can help you implement Plone. Sometimes we take for granted just what an amazing community we have and its diversity both geographically and in different industries. In this keynote I am going to look at Plone and its use around the world and the community that makes it so special

Mountain Tops to Archipelagos - The People Behind Plone (+AUDIO)

I was invited to give a talk at the Rotary Club Bristol about Plone. I spoke about the community and how an amazing group of people world wide gather across locations around the globe to develop software... and have a few beers in the process.

I’m afraid the audio quality is not that great, but hopefully you can turn the volume up and bit and still hear me

The Flexibility of Open Source - Plone in the Public Sector

A talk given by Matt Hamilton, Technical Director of Netsight.

This talk was part of the British Computer Society (BCS) event "Public Funds in the UK: Open Source for Document and Content Management" held in London on 7th January 2010.

The talk is a case study of two specific public sector clients of the Open Source WCM, Plone: Warwickshire Police, and a large educational portal.

The Flexibility of Open Source: A Case Study of a large Corporate Intranet

The advantages of Open Source systems go beyond simple cost savings. Content management by its very nature requires a significant level of customisation and integration to meet business requirements. By not prohibiting the inspection and modification of the source code, Open Source enables a level of flexibility not available with proprietary systems.

This talk will present a case study of the process one corporation, Belron®, went through in the development of a corporate Intranet based on Plone. Belron® is the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, owning some of the best known brands in the industry including Carglass®, Autoglass®, O’Brien® and Safelite®. Belron® employs more than 19, 500 people working in 28 countries worldwide.

In this talk you will see how the flexibility of Open Source allowed an initial modest Intranet to adapt and grow over time to an organisation’s evolving requirements, and the development of multiple sub-sites, specific business processes and multilingual support. You will also see how Open Source’s licensing model allows un-fettered growth and deployment of the Intranet to multiple countries.