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Using CNNs to Predict Cryptocurrency Price Movements

A lightning talk I gave at the PyData Bristol meetup on 20th Sept 2018. This is a talk about some experiments I have been doing trying to predict cryptocurrency price movements using a type of machine learning algorithm called a Convolutional Neural Network -- the same sort of AI used by computers to be able to 'see' a cat or a dog in a photo. In this case applied to market microstructure data on a cryptocurrency orderbook.

My Last Three Years in Numbers

A look at the last three years of my work in numbers.

Testing Randomness in Python

I needed to be able to unit test some python code that had a random element to it. Here's how I made it deterministic.

An introduction to Zope Page Templates and their use outside of Zope (+Audio)

Zope Page Templates have been around for a while, and used extensively in Zope and many Zope based apps and frameworks, but did you know you can use ZPT with any Python project? Indeed there are implementations of the syntax used, Template Attribute Language (TAL), for other languages too. Making it one of the most portable, cross platform templating languages there is. Find out why ZPT and TAL are so elegant, and how to use them with your Python project.

I will cover why TAL is a great choice for templating, the simple syntax of TAL and how to create and render page template objects in your code.