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Plone and Sharepoint

A talk on integrating Plone and Sharepoint. This talk was from Plone Conference 2013 in Brasilia.

It covers integrating the authentication, content, and search between Plone and Sharepoint. It showcases the collective.cmsbrowser addon for Plone.

Lipstick On a Pig (+Audio)

Dynamically skinning a legacy portal using Python, WSGI (the Python Web Server Gateway Interface), and Deliverance.

So you have a big legacy portal application which you want to change the look of, but are contractually not allowed to touch?

Here is a case study on how we used the power and flexibility of Python and WSGI and the wonder lxml to dynamically re-skin a proprietary .NET portal without even touching it.

We take a giant lump of messy invalid HTML markup and dynamically strip it back, add semantic markup and CSS and present the user with a nice svelte valid site.

I will cover the history of the legacy portal, the problems encountered, our cunning plan to dynamically re-skin the site, a technical overview of the parts of the system (lxml, WSGI, etc), and what we learned along the way.