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Automating Feature Branch Builds on iOS and Android

This is a talk given at Codemobile 2017 conference in Chester, UK. It was a 5 minute lightning talk detailing how to automate the building of apps for each and every feature branch created as part of a git-flow workflow.

Finding Provisioning Profiles by Name Rather than UUID

Despite my previous thoughts, you can actually use Xcode 8’s find-by-name functionality for manual signing on a CI setup.

Lockable Resources Jenkins 2.0 pipeline builds

If you want to increase concurrency in your Jenkins pipeline builds, but need to ensure that certain resources are not used concurrently, then you can use lockable resources

Automating Xcode 8’s New Automatic Signing

Picture of Matt speaking at SWMobile meetup

This was a talk I gave at the SWMobile Meetup in Bristol in October 2016. The talk was a lightning talk on automating the new Xcode 8 automated signing system when using it in a CI setup. In our case we use it with Jenkins and Fastlane to automate all our builds.

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Global Build Numbers in Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline Builds

We wanted to have build numbers that were unique and incremental across all of our build jobs. Here is how I did it with a small python microservice.

Jenkins 2.0 and Multi-branch pipeline builds for iOS apps with Fastlane

Jenkins 2.0 beta is out and has included a multi-branch pipeline plugin that allows automatic build of feature branches from Github. Here is how I set it up to build feature branch builds of our iOS apps

Getting Proper UTF-8 Output From Fastlane on Jenkins 2.0 Pipeline builds

Jenkins 2.0 pipeline jobs get their locale from the master not slave, so you need to set the local on master to get UTF-8 output working correctly

Adding Photos to iOS Simulator

A simple way for scripting the adding of photos to the iOS simulator when using snapshot to take photos of your app